Q&A: Ash Beaton talks Orlando Street, one year on!

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North Coast V-Twins is celebrating a birthday this Saturday, with July marking one year since the historic move to our now-home at 191 Orlando Street.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed a period of sustained and unexpected growth as V-Twins solidified its place as the number one destination for motorcycle enthusiasts on the North Coast.

On Saturday 3 July, you’re invited to celebrate our birthday with us at V-Twins from 9am, as we open the doors early with a BBQ, some live music, and a ride thanks for our faithful Mid North HOG chapter.

Before that though, we sat down with Ash Beaton, owner and operator of North Coast V-Twins, for a quick Q&A on the massive changes the business has gone through in the past twelve months.

Q. Ash, when you reflect on the last twelve months since the move, what are you most proud of?

Ash: I’m most proud of our beautiful staff, how they’ve reacted to this new location, and secondly how well received it’s been from our amazing customers who have supported us through the last 40-odd years. Without those customers and staff, we wouldn’t have the business or the community we have today.

Q. What’s one of the biggest achievements, in your mind, of the last twelve months?

A: It’s been hard to gauge due to COVID, as it’s been a bit of a benefit to the motorcycle industry and other leisure industries across the country… (but) I think the location and parking has been a major plus for our clients and the staff too.

I believe we’ve been able to achieve a great environment with not only the way the store is laid out, but having the café at the front as well is a nice addition to our whole work environment.

Q. How have things changed for V-Twins since the move to Orlando Street?

A: V-Twins has gone up a notch. We’ve started to show the Aussie motorcycle community that we can deliver quality products at a reasonable price, with good backup and support.

We try to set the bar high for any other dealers in the region, if they have got the people then I admire them if they can try and give the service we strive so hard to give. It’s about customer service, and to give that you need good people and good experience. That’s something we have.

Q. Do you think V-Twins has become more of a destination, somewhere people come to visit just to see the space and enjoy the community?

A: I think so. The word is out that we’ve got something special here on the North Coast. I’ve just finished travelling the best part of Australia, and I think of all the shops that I saw, I think we still tick the boxes. To have that in Coffs Harbour, we’re very proud of that hopefully everyone else feels the same way

Q. What do you hope the next 12 months bring?

A: I hope the next 12 months brings us more of the same. A little bit of fine-tuning… we’re getting more confident with our space here and I think we’ve got things we’re still putting in place to make the business more viable.