My passion for exceptional service came from my father Norm, who always said ‘do under others as you would want done to you, this came from his many years as one of the country’s top NRMA Mechanics in the Gloucester Shire and Barrington Tops Area.

I am very proud of what we have achieved with our dedicated and extremely talented staff, my family have been there to support us all the way, My wife Jillian and my for children, Richelle, Tonya, Karissa and Beau all play crucial roles in supporting and running North Coast V-Twins. Without their input and understanding there would be no North Coast V-Twins.

Our objective at North Coast V-Twins is to provide good quality products and provide the highest standard of customer service that we can deliver with every customer experiencing the ‘V-Twin Grin,’ and with our superior team I strongly believe we deliver that.

My most rewarding part of my job is seeing the pleasure and freedom our motorcycles bring to people no matter what style of riding you like we can find something for you to enjoy we don’t make that much money here but we make a hell of a lot of friends, and that’s why we are in this game and loving it.



I’ve worked at North Coast V-Twins since 2001 and, being a Beaton, motorcycles run in my blood. I currently own a Ducati 848 which I love to get out on whenever the weather lets me. I have done a few track days at Eastern Creek which was mind blowing. My role within the family business originally started in administration and then over the years I decided to further my knowledge and studied various business management and accounting courses, I have more recently started handling the marketing for North Coast V-which I am enjoying delving into and observing the changes that has come with the current online and social media craze.

At North Coast V-Twins we believe in good country, friendly, fair-minded dealings with our customers and we have a team of staff that strive to deliver. Our team all share the same love and passion for motorcycling like we do and compliment each department with their extensive knowledge and expertise on most makes and models of motorcycles we are a dynamic team that are always working together to reach North Coast V-Twins main objective, and that is give our customers the worldly recognised V-TWIN GRIN.



I have been working in the Finance and Insurance Industry for 24years, the last 13years being employed by North Coast V-Twins as the Business Manager. I have also been involved in the customizing of bikes for some years. In recent years V-Twins have been racing a Harley Davidson VROD  at the Drag Meetings which I have been fortunate enough to have raced on the odd occasion with some good results. In my time here at North Coast V-Twins I find I get the greatest pleasure out of helping customers tailor-making their motorcycles and actually seeing their dream become reality.



I am a qualified Motorcylce Technician and have been involved in and raced motorcycles for 40 years. In the past I have held leading positions in other businesses and have also completed a Small Business Management Course. I started work with North Coast V-Twins in 2012 as their Service Manger.

I love my work at V-Twins, the team here are fantastic to be around and to top it off I am surrounded by the best motorcycles you can buy.



Having worked as a Motorcycle courier in Brisbane during the 70’s, I then headed south to Victoria where I worked for the Dept of Education as a Business Manager in various schools. It was in 2004 that I moved to Coffs Harbour and in 2005 I commenced work at North Coast V-Twins, and now here I am employed in Financial Control, Administration and Accounts. I enjoy being around the people and our team at V-Twins. The Bikes – I love them all!



In 2001 I moved to Coffs Harbour to commence work at North Coast V-Twins as their Spare Parts Specialist, after working for 37 years for a General Motors Dealership in Gloucester as their Spare Parts Manager. Prior to moving to Coffs Harbour I spent 12 months in spare parts at Repco. I am also certified in training apprentices in spare parts. I have now been at North Coast V-Twins for 12 years and hope there are many more of them to come. Without the Team here at V-Twins I would not be able to achieve what we do.



I have been working in the motorcycle industry for over 25 years in both Europe and Australia. I have the skills and training in all aspects of service and repair to a wide range of motorcycles, specialising in building, diagnostic electrical work and tuning. I have been working at North Coast V-Twins for since 2008,  I enjoy being challenged with complex mechanical issues and love being around the skilled and knowledged team we have here, its a great atmosphere.



I have only recently joined the team at North Coast V-Twins after 32 years in Customer Service with Qantas Airlines. Previous to that I had always been involved in some way with motorcycles, working in Sales at Rama Motorcycles Sydney, pit crewing for Dave Burgess, Joe Eastmore, Bernie Summers and Kevin Magee and also being a Travelling Marshall for Willoughby District Motorcycle Club.

At North Coast V-Twins my employment includes Customer liason, Sales Assistant, Apparell & Accessories and the detailing of Motorcylces. I enjoy my work at V-Twins and find the atmostphere to be fun and friendly with professional and knowledgeable staff. I LOVE HARLEY DAVIDSON!



I have been riding motorcycles for 41 years and was an A Grade Road Racer. I have been working in the industry as a Motorcylce Technician for 30 years and  started work with Ashley & Jill in 1992, that was when the business was known as North Coast Ducati, it was later renamed as North Coast V-Twins. Apart from a few years when I left V-Twins to teach at Sydney TAFE, I have watched the business grow and seen many changes over the years – new technology being the main change, which is always a challenge. I am the Ducati Race Technician and the Ducati Road Bike Technician for North Coast V-Twins. I live and breathe motorcycles.