Karissa’s Story

I started working for my family in 2001. Forced into the role by being young, unemployed and undecided with what I wanted to do, Ashley (who I occasionally refer to as Dad) gave me no choice but to start answering phones for him. The role has evolved over time, I dabble in accounting, marketing and even sell the odd bike, if only I was just answering phones still hey.

There was never going to be any doubt that I was going to ride motorcycles, it was in my DNA, much to Mum’s disappointment. Dad found me my first road bike, a learner legal Ducati (of course) 400ss. It felt special to start out on a Ducat (which back then learner legal ones were a rare find) given Dad’s racing career on them and passion for them as kids we grew up knowing and loving them. From my 400SS I went onto a Ducati 848 which was my brother Beau’s, I only just sold that a couple of years ago which I still regret. Now days, given the chance, I’m riding a Ducati Monster S4R and our XR1200 Harley-Davidson that my husband Chris customised.

From the early days at North Coast V-Twins I can remember the solid customer base that Ashley and his team had built, the unique offerings and the over and above kind of attitude that he instilled in his us. Nothing was, or is, ever too hard, it’s something that Dad and his team are well known for.

I have a lot to thank my parents for, my career has opened up many doors for me, and it began with their motivation and backing of me, which they have always done for us; my sisters Richelle, Tonya and our brother Beau (better known as their million dollar baby after the motorcycle racing path he headed down). Their unconditional love and support for us knows no limits. They are hardworking, honest and humble people that I was lucky enough to score as my parents.

This family ran business has shaped the person I am today. I am honored to be apart of the history and the current North Coast V-Twins. I’m overwhelming proud of what my parents have achieved. And for riding out the waves of the industry and making such a solid footprint in the motorcycle world. Congratulations on 30 years of North Coast V-Twins!

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