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Bookings are being taking for the DUCATI 101 ACADEMY

Get a proper eDUCATIon at this special evening Thursday 10th July.

Discovering the world of Ducati and motorcycling made easy.

Ducati101 is an event for anyone wanting to start riding or in the early
stages of their motorcycle licence. It’s an event for people to ask
questions in a comfortable environment, to get to know more about
the Ducati world

Entering the motorcycling world can be overwhelming and intimidating
for the new and inexperienced but through Ducati101 we give everyone
the perfect opportunity to take those nervous first steps with us.
Building confidence and leading new riders through a comfortable and
easy process.

Breaking down the myths –
There are many misconceptions when it comes to both motorcycles
and Ducati! “Ducatis are for hardcore riders”, “Ducati’s are too
expensive”, “You have to be experienced to ride Ducati”. With a little bit
of guidance we can change those views and jumpstart your journey to owning a Ducati.

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