Coffs Harbour Motorcycle Servicing and What’s Involved

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Looking for the best Coffs Harbour motorcycle servicing mechanic for your next bike service? What does it really take to make sure your bike is getting the best care to suit it’s exact needs.

At North Coast V-Twins, our customers aspire to own the most desirable motorcycle on the planet and they shell out our hard earned cash to ride that bike.

To keep your Harley-Davidson® operating at peak performance we need to entrust our pride and joy to a Harley-Davidson® Factory trained Technician and who uses Genuine Motor Parts to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

As we only have two small rubber prints on the ground keeping us upright I know I want my bike in the best condition it can be and ready for whatever the ride may be.

So what is involved in our Coffs Harbour motorcycle servicing check? A typical check includes replace engine oil and filter, check tyre pressures and tread, check brake pads and discs for wear, lubricate all pins and bushings ,check for leaks, check brake fluids for levels and moisture and leaks, adjust throttle cables and lubricate, check steering head bearings, check fuel lines, check jiffy stand and lube, inspect drive belt and sprockets and adjust is needed, check and flush and replace DOT 4 brake fluid every two years, check exhaust system, check and air cleaner and service as required, check battery and clean and secure where necessary, replace spark plugs every two years, check all electrical switches and lights and horn for operation.

When all this is done an operational ride is done to verify all components and functions.

While this is a general list as a basic service, we always suggest to do a detailed inspection yourself whenever you wash and polish your bike as that is when you’ll notice items that will need attention when you drop it in for it’s next service.