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    Classy. Bold, yet discrete. Hit the road and ride with pride on the brand new Scrambler 110 Dark PRO, with the new Dark Stealth colour scheme combining a black heart with a Scrambler soul.

    The Scrambler range is the ideal choice for another who loves to travel both in the city and through the country, together or alone, and the Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO ticks both of those boxes thanks to a generous torque available from low revs on its 1,079cc engine and a 15-litre tank that allows you to tackle even the longest journeys with comfort.

    The 1100 Dark Pro stands itself apart from it’s Scrambler siblings thanks to its matte black colour and natural anodized aluminium parts – but on the inside, has all the trimmings of the 1100 PRO family: Ducati Traction Control, ABS cornering, and three Riding Modes.

    It has the elements typical of a Ducati Scrambler – purity, essentiality, and a sense of freedom. A bike made for any occasion, and perfect for all.

    Dark Stealth

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    Dark Stealth


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