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Myself and most of you are aware of the flood of grey import Harley’s that have hit our shores since the Aussie dollar has been on an all time high. I understand that on paper/screen  these bikes can look like a great saving but I would like to bring a few things to your attention that we have come across here at V-Twins and other Dealerships  in Australia  where the customers are not getting apples for apples or what they thought they were paying for.

Here is a bit of a list of things we are finding;

1. Alarms, Not Standard, as is in Australian Models Value $547 plus installation

2. ABS Brakes Not Standard, as is on Australian Models Approx $1500. Not adaptable

 3. Speedo, Miles-Kilometres, Not always what the Bike has really travelled – Cost

 4. Lighting Changes Required for Compliance

 5. Tyres to be changed to Aussie spec

 6. Belts and pulleys are different gearing for many USA States to International Motorcycles; this has caused people to be off the road for extended periods due to no stock in Australia of parts for the USA Models therefore having to source Parts from the USA.

 7. Exhaust Systems Different for many USA states to what our bikes require, same problem as belts and pulleys.

 8. Safety and other recalls, H-D A and related departments will have no record of the bike and therefore no way of notifying the consumer of the recall.

 9. Road Side Assist is NOT included. This comes Free for 2 Yrs on Aussie new bike sales

 10. Warranty – this is a BIG one. H-D Australia and the Dealer Network will do NO WARRANTY work or are liable to do any warranty work on these motorcycles as this is built into the sale price of Australian Motorcycles by H-D Australia.

Lastly, after doing due diligence please give us a call to check what a new or used model from us will cost you without any grief and knowing who you are dealing with to support your new or used pride and joy, because there are many other problems then what I have listed above or we would all be buying these imports.