Beau’s Story

30 Years is just shy of my life time. In that time my parents and their ever-growing incredible team of staff have built a name that has been etched into the Australian motorcycle industry. They have always prided themselves on their customer service and Dad’s passion for motorcycles has always been a motivator behind their business.

As a child growing up with three older sisters, we were all born/taught how to pick the sound of a V-Twin Ducati from a mile away. Even our Dog “Duke” knew the sound of a Ducati, he’s ears would prick up hearing Dad roar home from work on the best sounding machines on the planet, often he’d be on the tank with Dad.  This obviously wasn’t just a childhood phase for us, as we all in some way shape or form are involved with motorcycles today.

North Coast V-twins, and Mum and Dad, set me on my course to obsession with racing these magnificent V-Twin motorcycles. My first road race was on a 999s Ducati, with some success we moved on to the latest technology, at the time in 2009, with the 1198s. Myself and Dad along with the team at North Coast V-Twins won multiple national and state titles on these machines. It was a testament to the team and Dads passion for racing (racing Ducat’s that is).

Congrats to Mum and Dad on this massive achievement. Here’s to the next big adventure and the next 30 years.


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