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“My passion for V-Twin motorcycles started when I was a teenager. I remember leaving a picture theatre in Gloucester, my home town, and one of the local lads had his new Ducati 750GT parked at the front doors of the theatre. As my friends and I were leaving the GT burst into life with both booming Conti Mufflers shooting there magnificent note straight up the stairs to where we were standing leaving an impression on my soul only a musician would understand. Back then V-Twin motorcycles, and in particular Ducati, didn’t have a good reputation for reliability and weren’t a popular choice of bike, but I new after that moment that one day I would have one. Little did anyone, especially me, believe that the that first impression would grow into the incredible business that we have today, North Coast V-Twins. It wasn’t for about another 6 years until I was able to get my first Ducati, but the 1978 900SD Dahmar was my pride and joy back then and still is to this day.

Jillian and I opened our first motorcycle store in 1988, originally known as North Coast Ducati. My first experience on race tracks began in the early 80’s on Ducati’s and a hand built TZ with a 500cc XL Honda motor bolted onto it by the then local legend engine builder Brad Wiseman. The odd track day fuelled my addiction for fast bikes and in the early 90’s I developed my road racing career. Brad came to work with me and we soon started attending race meetings, preparing the bikes and me as the rider. We had some good success and a load of fun, we are still good mates to this day. I spent over 8 years on the track racing mainly in Bears and Club Events around NSW and QLD. Warren Fraser from NF Importers approached us in 1996 to take on the Harley-Davidson franchise, adding this to Ducati and Moto Guzzi caused a few issues in regards to space and the more staff that we required.”

Ashley Beaton

Dealer Principal & Owner

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